Monday, January 13, 2003

The more I think of it..
The more I think of it.. the more relaxed I get. Of course it made me realize how I feel about stuff.. but it made me look into it through a very open mind. ^_^ In the car.. this morning.. I had a sudden rush of flashback.. Something in my memory, not so distant. It was a good time. One of my highest point in life.. and know what? I just smiled!! I mean.. not even tick in my heart that I was regretful for it all has changed. Aaaah.. I'm so proud of myself!
But of course.. weird enough, everytime I get back to MMU.. every single good feeling I have 'collected' during the weekend just fades away.. Sad, really..
It's like.. I don't know! Bad karma!! AHHAHHA!!

"It hurts that you chose to lie when the truth was obvious, hunn"


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