Monday, January 06, 2003

Feel so pathetic and dumb
Yeahh.. maybe 'coz I've been listening to one of that Steps songs! HAHHAHHA!! I listened to STEPS! Can you believe that?! Ahhahha!! Gosh, my IQ just dropped 10 points.
I was pretty sleepy just now. Went into my bed.. clear up my stuff.. and lay down.. And my mind drifted into something that made my head much worse.. I mean, messy! It has gotten really messy these days that I wish I could just sleep for the entire day!
So, what makes my head messy? Ahhahha!! Fundamental and Graphics of course!! I really have to do something about them! Haven't started one single bit!! Eeeeeek!! All the work I did is my CE journal. It's funn!! REALLY!! Mine is soooo silly.. but very ME! ^_^ Kinda embarassing now, that I've thought of it. I mean.. all my friends haven't started it yet! And I'm like... so NERDY!! OH MY GOD!! I've started that freaking journal!! Hahhahahha!!
So anyways.. I guess I should start my Graphics somewhere tonight. Unless... ehh!! Is there anyone out there who's willing to do that project for me?? Please please pretty pleeeaaaasseee! Hihhihhik! Naaah.. I should depend on my own, 'aight? Keje tak siap, padan muka la kan? Sape suruh main je memanjang, kan?
Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepyyy... But my head is just too messy!! Huwaaaaaa!!

Current song : It's The Way You Make Me Feel by Steps

It's the way you make me feel
(the way that you make me feel)
Spinning my world around
Tell me how can I walk away
I don't care what they say
I'm loving you anyway
It's the way you make me feel


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