Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Fate is a complicated subject
I am seriously confused!! Aaaaaaakkk!! It's like.. I don't know what I want!! It's like.. I'm rebelling with my own self! AHHAHHAA!! Funny.. usually I'd rebel FOR my own self.. HAHHAHAA!! This is new! Never thought that such thing is possible.. Hihhihik! Klakar.. klakar.. Anyways.. wished that it would rain tonight.. but right now, it's the last thing I need. Hihhihik! Me and my complicated way of thinking.. Demm!! I left my poem at home.. Hahhaha!! I did this silly thing 'coz I was a bit crazy with rhymes this one day.. and I think it really reflects my feelings! Well.. it reflectED the way I felt at that time.. ^_^
aaAaAaAaaaAaAa!! Demm, I have two crazy roommates.. and really good at RPG!! AaaaAAaAA!!! Tak tahaaaaaaaaaaaannn!!

Look through the window to see what's outside
All I see is shadows of the night
I try to read what I feel inside
I see nothing, too dark and no light

Hmph! Maybe I was a lil' bit too mean.. Hik!


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