Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I must be losing my head again..
I really hate it when this happens! Someone please stop me from listening to this song!! Please get my head think about something else! I really need to make myself busy!! I hate my thoughts!! Pleaaaaaseee!! Hellppp!! Huwaaaaaaaa!! I'm trapped by my own little mind.. Can someone please help??
Geramnyerrrrr!! Insignificant again! Arrghhh! I was alright just now, but what happened? I just HAD to think about minor.. measly.. unimportant stuff!! Why?? Because I was born as a girl.. and a sensitive one at that!! Why?? Because it's my destiny!! It was fated!! Why?? Because THIS is what I have to go through.. THIS is my life!! Urrghhh!! *Demm!!* I am so very tired of thinking... I wish everyone would stop their lies and start talking through their heart.. Our minds can be deceiving. It hides away what your heart really feels and that's a GREAT problem.. Huwaaaaaaa!! I really do hate my thoughts!! They're so weak!! I wish.. I wish... I could be someone else for at least one day! I need to be someone with a stronger mind.. instead of a stronger heart! Why the hell do I listen to my heart!! Why the hell can't I listen to my mind while everyone else can?? WHYYYYY??! Demmlahh.. there are just some days when I hate being me...

"Telling my heart I didn't need you.."


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