Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I am leading such an unhealthy life..
Yikes!! You should see how much sugar I take just in this three days! My oh my.. I have a very bad feeling that I'll be diagnose with such a disease by mid 40s. (That's if I live that long!) Honestly.. I don't know what has come over me! During this last three days, I had six packs of Fruit-tella.. And I ate a slice of cake, last night.. some chunks of chocolate.. Gosh!! I don't know what has come over me.. Can't stop munching on those Fruit-tella!! aaAaAaaA!! Can't chew on gums 'coz I get tooth ache from them.. huuu.. Eeeeeek!! Help me stop eating these Fruit-tella!!!! O yeah.. and when I came here.. what did I brought? A box of Honey Stars!! aaAAaAaA!! What's with the sugar addiction??!!
Just saw that TATU's video clip!! Many thanks to Azilah! Maaaaan!! They're really REAAAAALLY daring!! Yikes! I'm getting scared of lesbos.. Huuu.. no offence to anyone who reads this blog.. but err.. two girls.. kissing in the rain.. That's pretty much new to me, and it creeps me out!! Huhuuuu...! Wondering now.. what attracts the same sex to be together? I mean, looking at the short-haired one.. she's cute! Impossible if there's no guy that's attracted to her! Huuu.. could it be that a girl understands another girl better than any guy? So.. she chose to be with one of her kind. Huu.. or maybe they were soooo close to each other that somehow.. someway.. they're just attracted to one another?? HAHAHHA!! I don't know.. Can't figure it out.. I'm close with my mates.. I hold their hands when we're walking (out of habit, having my dad hold my hands most of the time) 'coz it makes me feel secured, and I won't get too far astrayed (and maybe 'coz it's just nice having someone you trust walking right next to you!) but I never felt attracted to them! Yeahh.. I love my friends, but not like.. real love-love! Though.. as much as I like hugging my dad and my sisters.. I can't hug my friends.. AHHAHHA!! Only at some occasions, when I haven't seen them for such a long long time or I won't be seeing them for a long long time.. 'coz the thought of hugging my girl friends just seemed.. icky somehow! AHHAHAHA~!!
Wokehh.. I gotta run now.. going for a walk with the gurls..

Current song : I Need Love by Sixpence None The Richer
~ I need love, not some sentimental prison ~


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