Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I don't know.. something's going on.. something that shouldn't be happening, but I kinda want it to happen.. but it shouldn't! Hahhhaa!! Sorry if I got you confused there. Well, something's not right is happening, someway.. and I hope that all will be fine.. ^_^
Kinda crappy morning, today.. I had a stomach ache, and a really bad one.. Y'know, it hurts even more when you move.. So this morning, I felt the sweat on my forehead as I walk towards lecture. It was demm painful!! Aaaarrrghhhh!! And the ache lasted for a whole hour!! I really really hate stomach pain!! And probably I should get worried.. I've been having it pretty frequently these days.. Huuu.. +_+ And probably it's coming back.. shit! Rase cam nak buang perut ni kejap!
Funny how I've been telling people to do what they want.. when I myself am not doing what I want.. Probably 'coz I don't even know what I want....

Can you please tell me what I want?


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