Tuesday, January 21, 2003

My friends..
Heehee~! I am surrounded by crazy friends!! aaAaAaA!!
Anyways, they're doing their Fundamental while I'm here, in front of the computer.. partly, doing a research for my Fundamental work, mind you! Heehee~! Ana, Fina, BJ and Sheeya were really crazy just now!! Actually each one of us had a flashback of those old songs we learn in school.. Sang those Kereta Kecil and Tiga Sekawan song! It was hilarious!! Can't believe the whole room sang to it.
Not to mention, when we danced to Ayumi's song again! This time, BJ already knew the steps!! Now there's FIVE people that can dance to the song! Hihhihik!
Anyways, gotta start searching some info 'bout kiwi fruits.. maybe if I'm so bored, I'd even post it in here! ^_^

Seperti berjelaga jika kusendiri..


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