Monday, January 13, 2003

An upset..
Huuu.. I am so frustrated!! I could've upload my webby this week! I did the page I wanted at home.. but now.. I can't open the disc!! Huwaaa!! Hours worth of work.. and my home-written blog.. All.. gone to waste!! Huwaaaa!! Sedihnyelaaaa... So.. my spirit has dampen a bit since this morning... Huuu..
But come to think about MDF this morning.. Hehh! Brought a smile to my face. Why? Mr John said that my studies was pretty good!! He didn't comment so much on mine!! Hahhahaaa~!! And the lift incident this morning.. Hahhhaa!! I feel so silly and stupid.. and embarassed.. Though.. not really embarassing.. but it was mostly stupid. Hihhihik!!

Maaan!! I want my files back you demm disc!! Urrghhh!!


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