Monday, January 27, 2003

A bunch of posts again.. ^_^

Friday - January 24th 2003 When Your Heart and Mind Collide
It's hard when there's conflict between the two points in yourself. They are your heart; the source of your emotions and your mind; where your rational voice comes from. Everyone has their stronger point.. People may think that all women cannot THINK because they're too EMOTIONAL. Well, not all women are. At least not most of the girls I know. Honestly, my mates can think pretty well. They're usually calm, organised and rational indeed. People who think with their mind are usually stable. They MIGHT not be having as much fun as they can, but they're very stable and make less mistakes. Those who usually follow their heart in life are usually the 'happy-go-lucky' type. They usually do what they want, as they know what they want.. without concerning what the effects will be in the future.. and are also bound to make mistakes that they can actually avoid.
You might say listening to your mind is the best way than listening to your heart. But is it right? After all, it's your heart that tells you what you want - your true feelings - your greatest desires.. And if you don't listen to them, forever it'll be burried and forgotten. So, is it right? Your mind can be deceiving.. It's the heart that brings out the honesty in you. Your mind may tell you one thing, but your heart that knows best..
When you're in doubt
Can't tell from wrong or right
Just listen to your heart
And you'll find your way out

I hope that I'm right.. After all, I'm fated to make mistakes.. ^_^

Current song : How Could An Angel Break My Heart by Toni Braxton
Oh, my soul is dying, it's crying
I'm trying to understand
Please help me..

Saturday - January 25th 2003 Ordinary Day
Just a day, just an ordinary day
Just trying to get by
Just a boy, just an ordinary boy
But he was looking to the sky..

~ Vanessa Carlton ~
A boring day, really.. Nothing much. I was just sitting around at home, watching telly.. Which wasn't really that bad! 'Coz I woke up in time to catch Cardcaptor Sakura! And it's the episode with The Dream card. Heehee~! Syaoran has been showing some interest on Sakura. Maaaan, I am so girlish!! Got excited at those kind of things.. Huhh! Then I watched UBOS.. reminded me a whole lot of Harry Potter and his friends. Huwaaaaa!! Can't wait until JUNE!! And then there's Holly Valance which forced me to finally take my shower. Hehh.. didn't have my shower the whole yesterday. AHHAHHA!! Typically me at home.. Ngeee! ^_^ And then, there was Michelle Branch and Simple Plan! Which was kinda neat.. ^_^ And then.. there was that LOTR the making again!! WAHHAHHA~!!! Happy~ happy~
So right now, nothing's good on telly.. so I'm listening to Rick Dees, while typing this entry.. and staring outside the window and see the rain... Some things have changed, indeed. I used to get perky when it rains and wish that I was outside, playing. But now.. I get a bit down when I see the rain. Bluekk! I hate this. SO not me..!
Anyways, I've been reading the past CLEO issues in the weekends nowadays. I know.. I should be doing my assignments! I could've had it it done by now.. but anyways! Loads of stuff I like to share in here, but I'll do it bit by bit. If you remember, I've mentioned some days ago about "How Men Handle Break-Ups Better Than Women", I re-read the article and decided to share only some of the points. 'Coz if I share ALL of them, it'll make an impression that ALL men are jerks! And that ALL women are hopeless! Hehh~! So I got.. two out of five - 1. Having a relationship is just an added bonus (for men) - not their be all! Even though they may care about you (girl), even love you immensely, they're still looking outside of the relationship. 2. Unlike women, men are not wrapped up in their relationships. This gives them the upper hand to break up with women and not feel like their world has ended, because he never did make her, his whole world.
Hehh! CLEO can be so 'unhealthy' sometimes. ^_^ Maan, I need to put on more weight! Huuuu~!
Okehh.. now I'm going to share something really good to end this entry with. Hik~! 10 Types Of Friends You Need In Life
The best friend they're always there for you, and you're there for them. You rely on each other totally.
Work friend you share gossip and fun lunch breaks and may even go out some evenings. Might develop into something more or stay as it is.
Good-time friend can't rely on them for anything except having a good time. Fine if you don't count on them.
Couple friend great when you've got a partner, to have someone you can go out in foursome with.
Older friend they guide and help you, a bit like a big sibling or older cousin, rather than a parent figure.
Family friend distant cousin/aunt/uncle or old neighbor that you keep regular contact with. Can share stuff you can't with other friends. Very elastic, it can come close at times or stretch to infinity, but it's always there.
Hobby friend you're both crazy about Harry Potter or what ever. There's little else to it, but you enjoy sharing this craze.
Old-time friend best mates in school, you're drifted apart but still like each other. You keep each other's feet on the ground, reminding each other where you came from.
Opposite-sex friend not just someone who tells you the truth about the opposite sex, but someone you can have fun with and not compete with, at least not on the fashion front.
Younger friend they keep you in touch with what's going on and gives you a chance to play big sister/brother.

Take my hand
Live while you can
Don't you see your dreams
Are right in the palm of your hand..

Sunday - January 26th 2003 Would it be my fault if I ignore this foolish games?
aaAaAaa.. I just listen to this neat song.. but I don't know what it's called!! Eeeek!! I first heard it last weekend, and the lyrics just stuck with me. And this week I heard it again, and I still haven't got the title!! Huwaaaaaa!! So if any of you peeps have a song with the lyrics that goes like this, I don't wanna run away but I can' t take it, I don't understand.. GIMME! GIMME!! Huwaaaa!! I am SO going to waste my time searching for this song when I get back to MMU tomorrow..
Okehh, I really should do my Fundamental work right now, but instead.. I'm wasting my time in front of the computer again.. Hehh~! Remember the time in Form 5.. Papa kept lecturing me to study while I just sat in front of the computer.. Hahhha~! I think it's a bit weird.. I am the one who got lectured the most, but I turn out to be the most spoiled! Hahha!! Cemane tu?? Hik! Gosh! Can't wait 'til Dida comes home..! I miss her somehow.. ^_^ Nina's getting married in ONE week! And she and Jasmin are still having stupid stupid arguements each night. *Demm* I hate it when Nina starts to pour out how she felt.. it scares the crap outta me!!
Honestly, when someone close to you are going to get married.. it'll make you start thinking about yourself. Okaylaa.. I'm talking about how I feel right now. I mean, Nina's getting married.. which means that, in some years.. it'll be my turn! Huwaaaa!! So anyways.. then I got myself thinking. Everyone has their other half - their soul mate.. but, will I find MY other half?? 'Coz.. not everyone ends up with their soul mate, 'aight?? Huuu.. kan dah orang pikir camni! Susah betul.. *Demm* lagi sekali.. Of course I have some more years to think about this.. but dah terpikir.. ter start.. *Demm* lagi.. And when Dida gets married.. I'll have to think about it even MORE!! Waaaaaa!!!! Horror nye..! Y'know, one thing.. I have this tendency to ask my girl friends.. "Is HE the one??" Hope I won't be asked the same question.. Hehh~!
Lallalalalaa~! Don't wanna think about that yet.. ^_^ Tau taaak, mase zaman sekolah rendah dulu kan.. Wanie tak penah tinggalkan umah without a cap! (Tak pakai tudung laie..) Hahhaha~!! Fasa boy-ish. Kelakar lak rase. When my friends started talking about Summerset Bay, they'd mention "a place that won't interest you, Ida" HEHH! Klakar.. klakar.. Something that hasn't changed at all - I still hate wearing sandals! Heehee~!
Okehh.. I'll be away for a while. Gotta do something more constructive.. ^_^

Heehee~! So much for a constructive work! Just spent 2 hours scanning some pictures. Hihh!! Gosh, I really have no control over myself..! Always the same.. said to do something, but end up doing something else. Telling people one thing, but feels the different thing.. Sheesh~! My heart and mind just won't get along.. GrrRrRr.. Oh heck, I really really REALLY need to do the things I said I would.. So, later perhaps~! Really really REALLY have to do my laundry and Fundamental.. Hehh~!
AaaAaaAa!! Papa is so neat!! Hihhik~! Me and Nina asked for McD just now, and my dad just called to make sure of the things we wanted.. and then he asked.. "Do you want a sundae?" AHHAHHA~!! Of course I do!! Hahhahha~! Happy~ happy~~
Okehh.. I rest again. Humm.. I think this is interesting. If you were asked to say how you feel in three words, what would those words be? Hehheh.. Mine.. I think, my three words would be.. heart, mess, dizzy! ^_^ That's what I feel right now, anyways.. I am feeling dizzy right now, so I should stop..

Refusing to see what your heart is telling you is just stupid!


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