Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Waaaa~ Tired!
Huu.. such a tiring afternoon! But it was so much fun!!
Me and Ana went for Fundamental in the afternoon with a pretty low enthusiasm. But it wasn't so bad! We had some fun doing some silly stuff with the plastercine (hope I get this right!). It was really silly.. 'coz both of us had not much idea on what should we do, so we just messed around with our pink plastercines. It was pretty amusing.. Ana did a love shape, and I did an arrow and stuck it to the heart. ^_^ And there's this one time, I wrote LOVE = CRAP with my plastercine and a while later Mr John came over to our desk and made the P of the CRAP into B.. So it went LOVE = CRAB!! Hehh..
And later.. we were walking reaaaaally slow back to our room 'coz Fina, BJ and Sheeya were having their Graphics.. and at the start of the stairs, they called.. and a bit while we head to Street Mall, yet again!! Hihhihik! It was a fun walk.. and dinner! It was really reaaaaaaally nice. And the walk back was pretty hilarious.. ^_^ I just got a bit crazy, lost my head.. and did some silly stuff! Hihhik!
So now, we're going to head for the Alpha comittee meeting. Just to fill up some of our boring time.. ^_^

And I still feel the same..


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