Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Even when she's tired from all the walking in the baking sun.. she still manages to give away her sweet smile..
Tired!! VERY VERY VERY!! Uhhuhu... felt like fainting right at this moment..!! I was just so forgetful that I forgot to bring along my keys when I got out with Sheeya just now.. So I went to the lecture hall again to get Ana's key.. Urrghh!! Soooooooo tired!! -_-
The electricity gone out last night.. hehhehe!! Pretty funny story, really.. but I can't say it right here.. Hehhe! I don't have the rights to tell.. hihhi.. So last night, Ana, BJ, Fina and I went to HB1 to get some air and drinks! Azura was there for a while.. but then she went out with a certain someone.. Hehh! And then Alitt joined us.. Hehh! Can't remember about all the things that the five of us crapped about last night.. But there was something about cows and goats.. tom yam bowls and soap boxes.. AHHAHHA!! Just some silly things.. but we stayed there even after they turned the lights off.. Hehhe! Mamak pon dah balek!
Honestly.. there are some more things I can crap about right here... but I guess I'm just toooooo tired to talk about the things I can talk some time later.. Ehhhe...
So, til next time!

Current song : You Drive Me Crazy by *NSYNC
~ You are the cure, and you know but you don't care ~


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