Thursday, October 24, 2002

What's up with that?!
Fine.. fine.. fine night last night... Fine fine fine morning today.. Hihhihi!
Hung out again in HB0.. HBO.. heck! It's just almost the same..! With the ones I care.. Ana, Fina, BJ, Fariz, Dar and a bit of Azura ('coz she was there a bit while waiting for her boyfriend and then later when she got back from her date) Hihihi.. there were no stars around.. but the moon was full! AHHAHA!! As if I cared that much.. (uUuUu.. Rai might want to laugh at this..) I think we went back to our room around one something.. Hihhi.. managed to do a bit of Gedik ver. 2 with Azura and Ana on it while we were walking back to the block.
Finally send in that stupid color book this morning in Fundamental. Blueerghh! Mine was absolutely sucky.. but, what the heck! Didn't put up my whole heart into it, anyways.. my own fault.. Huu.. Pretty nice-lah this morning! Hihhihik! Did that boring thumbnails with Fariz.. huu.. stupid stupid thumbnails. Boring.. boring thumbnails.. though.. I am SO going to start doing the assignment early.. I've had enough with last minute jobs!! They're all crappy and lousy.. and I always end up talking bad stuff about myself! AHHAHAH~!
Eh Fariz.. I think I just got a theory about why people just can't accept the fact lah! The reason They can't figure out how come a guy like you could mix with a girl like me.. who hangs around the gediks! AHAHHAHA~! Humm.. screw them! The more they say, the more we talk about it.. The more we talk, the more we get attached to each other! Hihhihik~!
ps : .. bebudak MMU memang manyak yang macam tolol..

Current song : No Such Thing by John Mayer
~ I'd like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve ~
** Falling in love with the sound of this song!!! **


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