Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Such a sloowww day... and a tiring one, too!
Huarrghh!! So so soooooooo demm tired!! I feel sick! Feel so cold! The wind is blowing outside, sending me the chills! Huwaaaa!! I won't be surprised if I catch a cold by tomorrow.. Huu..
Slept around six last night.. Woke up again at nine.. got my shower and back to sleep again after a single sweet.. Awoke again at twelve something, with nothing much to do. Wanted to start my Graphics so badly.. but.. SERVER WAS DOWN!! Gosh!! So crappy... So anyways.. went to Fundamental with Juvita and Tisha.. send in my Color Scheme.. WITHOUT THE THUMBNAILS!! Yikes~! Gotta do something about that, I guess.. Huuu!! Demm color shceme.. It was such a lot of work!! Urrghh!! Spent the whole night doing it! Good thing I got the chance to cover back the sleep I need. (Though.. honestly, 5 hours is not enough!!) Huwaaaaa!! TIRED~!
Just hung around awhile in Fundamental.. talking to my friends.. and Fariz (DUH!) as usual.. then.. the gurls came by and told me 'bout some stuff they did with En. Anis (one of the lecturers). It so happens that the 'gedik' video have been the talk-of-the-town in Melaka campus. Huumm.. amusing, indeed! So the gurls did some interview thingy in En. Anis' office.. with them.. and En. Anis on it. Honestly, I think it was more to 'comedy' than any 'explanotary' video clips..
Feeling so tired.. Just got back from Putrajaya to do some sketches. Amal came by and drove us there.. And I have to say.. I'm pretty proud of my work even though we spent just some while there..! Hihhihi.. Yeayy~! Can't wait to show it off.. though it's not really GREAT but.. it's much much BETTER than my stupid crayon work! ^_^
Much much work to do tonight and BJ and Sheeya is persuading me and Ana to go out for dinner. Huwaaaaaaa!! Really can't! Don't want to!! So tired!! So many work to do!! And I miss talking to my boyfriend!! Yaahh~! Hihhihihhik! One whole day with no line maa... Sadis.. sadisss.. Hihhihik~!
Okeyy.. gotta start something for my Graphics and later I have to continue on my Fundamental sketches and thumbnails!! Sheesh!

Current song : You Belong To Me by Jason Wade
~ and I'll be so alone without you, maybe you'll be lonesome too.. ~


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