Friday, October 18, 2002

Lok alaa.. Avril sebaya kita rupenye!
Betul laa Avril nampak tua! Memang tua dari Wanie pon! Ahahahha!! Ingatkan betul laa 17.. chit! Anyways.. I'm talking about Avril Lavigne.. Huu.. she's 18. Birthdate : September 27th, 1984. Ahahha!! And I thought she was a year younger! Oh heck.. that's all I wanted to post in this morning.. gotta get ready for English..
ooOoOo yeahh.. going back home earlier than any other Fridays, I think! NO WATER OVER HERE~! Ahhaha!! *Demm* MMU.. Just been such a trouble lately, doesn't it?!

Padre.. yo no comprende.. la speaka no Englise.. AHHAHA!!


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