Thursday, October 17, 2002

Anyways.. last night.. Well, the almost same thing happened again.
BJ got dissed for no reason again.. and we just couldn't find her anywhere! Huu! Finally found her around one o'clock.. Yeech!
Can't imagine myself hanging around like that.. alone! Yeech! Anyways, so we kinda hung out there.. talked everything out.. Pretty sweet of Majin to actually come over and see how was BJ. See! Friends are just indisposable!!
But anyways.. kinda feel a bit err.. guilty? 'Coz I kinda did something that I shouldn't do in front of a certain person last night.. Err.. but something that I was requested to, and probably should do in front of a certain someone else! Maybe someday.. but.. that certain person said something could happen if I did it in front of that certain someone! Yikes! Err.. well.. yeeps! Urrgh.. never mind!
Huu.. my leg kinda hurts right now 'coz I was fooling around with Aisha in Fundamental just now.. Yeech!
oOooOo yeah, Fariz.. thank you for the donut!! Hihhihik!
Yah yahh! Can't wait to see my friends this Saturday.. Weeeee!! Miss you guys loaadddss!! It's been probably half a year since I last saw Musz.. 10 months since I last see Yat, and Niez promised me a story!! Yeayyy!! Hihhihik!! Rai, nak ikut?? Hihhihik! It should be fun to see my old friends again!

Current song : Everywhere by Michelle Branch
~ 'Coz you're everywhere to me, when I close my eyes it's you I see ~


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