Thursday, October 03, 2002

I was spinning free
Hohh!! Tiring day it is.. I was out my room most of the dayy!! And the heat was not exactly helping.. Sheesh! Anyways.. Fundamental was so-so.. honestly, I went to get my smart card while I was supposed to be in the class.. Hik! Thenn... humm.. went back to my room doing absolutely nothing.. and again went out for English. It was silly really.. Coz me and Aisha was sleepy.. that we kept on talking crap. Crap around with each other.. crap around with Ms Zaiha.. crap around with Majin.. There's this one time when Ms Zaiha was explaining about those Adverbs and Nouns and all.. So anyways, she asked us to give any sentence.. So we come up with "Sleeping is my favorite hobby" (Something like that, anyways!) And so.. Ms Zaiha kept repeating the sentence over and over again.. changes her question to which is the subject.. which is the noun.. blaa blaa... And there's this time she repeated, "My favourite hobby is.." and me and Aisha answered "sleeping"! And Ms Zaiha looked at us and me and Aisha laughed kinda hard. Ms Zaiha wasn't expecting an answer! She was just repeating the sentence to make us understand!! Well.. stupid.. stupid.. my mind was just OFF right there.. oOooOo yeahh.. maybe if you get the chance to see my phone.. you might want to, y'know! Hihhihik!.. It's being very funny! Hihhihik!
Well.. humm.. gotta run! Getting dizzy dizzy dizzzzzyyyy!!

Current song : Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
~ Sinking into sweet uncertainty ~


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