Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I'm on top of the world and no one can bring me down... at least not tonight!
^_^ So happy!! I guess the day is SOOOO alright after all!! But of course.. I'll be careful tomorrow. I mean, it's usually like that isn't it? If you get too happy at one time.. next time you'd get sooooo sad! Well, it's usually like that for me anyways! ^.^ Well.. I'm happy now!! Seriously happy!! No biggies! Oh! What am I so happy about? Well.. I passed my supplementary Maths!! I was able to tell my dad with much much much relief.. I know he's relieved to know that I passed.. yeayyy!! Hihhihik! And.. my pointers happens to be 2.76! Yeahh.. good enough for me.. right now! Nyeh nyehh! Happy happy happy!! HAAAPPPPPYYYYY!!!
And I thank all those lovely people who felt the same for me... Gosh!! Friends are truly indisposable! ^_^
Early tonight me and the gurls went to Dengkil with Alitt.. Sheeya, Fina, Mya and Azura in the Punto and Alitt was driving his friend's car with Ana, BJ and myself.. Hihhihi! Gosh! Dinner was waaaaayy GREAAT! Had rice.. 'daging merah', 'tomyam', 'tauhu' and 'sayur campur' <-- sorry! too lazy to find the english words for them! ^_^ Me, BJ and Fina actually had second round! Hihhihik! It was such a happy hour! And then.. when I got back.. I even got good news 'bout my results!! Gosh!! Friends are so indisposable! .. My dream came true!! Thank You God! Alhamdulillah...! Sooooo super duper-ly happy that my dream actually came true!!! *September 29th entry* I dreamt that I passed my supplementary Maths but I was so worried to even imagine that it could really happen.. and.. now that it had happened.. YEAAAAYYY!! Bole joli!! Hihhihik.. No lahh! I am SO going to do my Maths properly next trimester! And I am SO going to try my best to achieve that 3 pointer this trimester! Let Papa see that his little witch is not so helpless after all!! Hihhihik... and they said that I can't cope with university life.. Well.. I'm still living! That should be a good sign, right? Hihhihik!
Humm... falling off my chair this morning was kinda worth it after all! Hihhihik!

Current song : Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
~ I was spinning free, with a little sweet and simple numbing me ~
* humm.. where did I get that message thingy from, anyways?? It's making me wonder.. *


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