Friday, October 04, 2002

What's wrong with meeee??!
Hehh.. nothing's wrong.. I was just merely being myself.. "Lazy girl who wonders a lot".. Nyeh nyehh! Curiosity kills the cat.. good thing I was not born as a cat! AHHAHA!!
Just got back from class.. yeowwch! My tummy is singing! Bluerghh! I just send in my essay just now and left! Ms Zaiha is sooooooooo KEWWLLLL!! Bluekk! Dani can't find the class so he messaged me to sign for him. Chitt! I really should use that sort of tactic somedayy..
Hungry hungry hungryyyy!!
Bile laa Sheeya nak abess klass nihh!
Well.. gonna run.. nothing else to say.. Just loads of things to feel... hehhe!
Get back later~

"Tengok sape?"
"Takde sape.. takde pape nak tengok.. tengok ajelaa sesaper.."


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