Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Help me figure out why I'm stuck in the middle
Yo yo!! Such a fine morning it is.. I was awoken around seven.. checked my computer a bit.. and got back to sleep again! And again.. and finally stayed up around nine.. Yeech! Still sleepy.. somehow.. Good thing I'm free for the whole afternoon! Yeayy!
Just remebered that I practically didn't buy anything in Mid Valley last night.. I mean, all I bought was that Maybelline Lip Gloss thingy and a pretty neat bangle I got with Bahijah.. Yeeheehee! Oh well.. and I suddenly remembered the discussion me and my sisters had in the car.. Hihhi.. 'coz Jasmin called Nina while we were on the way and Dida then asked.. 'why can't guys know how to treat girls?!' AHHAHA!! Well.. they discussed some stuff as I just listened.. Still wondering if I should share it though.. maybe some time later. ^_^
Weeee!! Feelin' cheery right now! Had McD's chocolate sundae just now.. and then somehow.. I got involved to this year book booth where they took pictures of groups.. yeeks! I HATE TAKING PICTURES!! It sucked so much! Promising myself not to get talked into those sort of things again! Bluerrghh!!
oOooOo yeahh.. what was I saying? I had something to say but somehow I can't remember it.. sheesh!! I hate it when this happen!
Yeoww.. had to spend my 50 ringgit just now for my phone's airtime! Urrgh! Really need to take things easy! Bluekk bluekk (I'm 'bluekking' at myself)
Humm.. well.. can't think of anything else to say.. get back later~

Current song : Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne (what's up with me and Avril's songs these days anyways??!)
~ Why should I care, 'cuz you weren't there when I was scared ~


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