Monday, October 07, 2002

Should I care? You care, don't you? You want me to care about it?
What a news.. but I kinda refuse to care. I mean.. it's what you think about yourself that matters the most, right? If you keep on following what other people say about you.. you might as well commit suicide! There'd be no point of living if you can't enjoy yourself through it! Bluerrghh! So.. pardon me for not caring as much as others, wokie? Gedik pon gediklahh.. I'm not all bragging about it.. but what's wrong with that? If I AM what they said about me.. I still have trusting friends by my side.. And obviously those who said crap about me don't know nothing about me!.. and obviously not my friend! And so tell me.. why should I care, again? Hehhe.. Sorry if it kinda sounded *bitchy* but I believe only I can talk bad about myself! Hehhe.. and those whom I care, of course! ^_^
English was pretty neat just now!! I mean, I was hessitated to go.. but it turned out okay after all! We did some listening exercise and me and Juju made fun of the 'speakers' 'coz they can't pronounce right! Like Ms Zaiha said.. they were using 'artificial accent!' Bluerrghh! But it was pretty okay! Considering I can get real cranky when I'm sleepy.. ^_^
Can't wait for my sisters to get here! I really need to walk off my troubles.. Yeeheehee!

Need to clear up my mind as you have been messing it up for me..


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