Tuesday, October 08, 2002

No point of getting so worried..
Just got back!! O my.. what a tiring night! I am so sleepy but I better type this all out before I forgot the details..
Went to Mid Valley with my two sisters.. But then we parted 'coz Dida actually met up with her friend.. so me and Nina walked around with nothing much to see.. Hehh! Then at 8 something Ana called.. told me that she's also in Mid Valley with the rest of the gurls!! Yeayy!! Hihhihi...! So, around ten my sister left.. and I met up with Ana, Sheeya, Fina, Bahijah and Majin in the third floor.. Yeeheehee! Pretty cool night.. as the shops closed one by one.. we were able to skip around and well.. practically act as if the whole mall was our's! Hehh! Then.. since it was just ten.. they decided to drive over to Bangsar (which we found nothing to do) and next to Hartamas, where we had our drinks and a bit meal courtesy of Bahijah!! BJ roxXs!! Yeahh! Good thing the Milo wasn't THAT hot.. Majin actually suggested that I should ask the guy to bring some ice.. Hehh!
Then when it started to rain.. we left, heading back. Sang so many songs in the car.. had to endure one song of KRU 'coz Fina sang through the whole song! Though.. the favorite moment was the part when Ana, BJ, Sheeya and myself sang through Complicated.. I dunno! It was pretty neat since we sang through the whole song.. from the beginning 'til the end! It was reaaaaally neat! So anyways.. in mid way.. when we got to Cyberjaya.. Majin received a phone call.. saying Inarah had an accident! So, as a pretty friendly people who do care about the people we know.. we followed behind Katok's (is this how his name's spelled?) car.. only to find Inarah and her gang having their late meal in PJ! AHHAHHA!! What a night.. silly silly silly.. All those talks in the car.. Ihhihik!! Never mind that though..
Oh well.. going for the Graphic's second session tomorrow.. why? Well, it kinda hit me that I don't really need the rush to get up early.. and that I reaaally need enough sleep.. and heyy! I'm free for the whole day tomorrow! Hihhihik! Yeahh!! Well, gotta get my works done anyways! But of course I'll find some slots to play around! Weeee!!
Well.. okie then.. good night.. sweet dreams.. and may tomorrow be a much better day than today..! ^_^

Current song : Goodbye To You by Michelle Branch
~ you were the one I love, the one thing that I tried to hold on to ~


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