Monday, October 21, 2002

Yeayyy!! No class!
Stupid dayy.. honestly! Stayed up the whole night, trying to complete my freakin' color book along side Ana.. and guess what? It's just a waste!! 'Coz we weren't able to submit it anyways... the time was up! Stupid lahh!! So we're going to have to submit in on Thursday.. Sheesh! Such a waste of time!
Anyways.. honestly, I have nothing much to update! Due to... I don't know..!! Just nothing interesting to share! Hihhihik... sowee!
I thought I was getting pissed over something at a certain two people.. But know what? I might just let them go and do nothing.. I need to control my temper, really. Tak manis ek pompuan marah-marah.. Especially when it comes to my situation.. Hihhihik!
Hey pakcik.. they're just jealous 'coz we're kewl lah~! Hihhihik!

What actually makes you think that I like him more than he likes me?? What? What? You're in this relationship, e-zit? Sorry.. I ain't dating losers like you!! So turn your back on me and buzz off!


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