Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Girls night out
Huaaarrghhh!! Sleepy... yet deadly.. AHHAHAH!! What am I crapping about??
Just got back from Pyramid to catch that new spooky movie, Three.. Yeeps! It's a bit hard to comment on, really. 'Coz it consist of three spooky stories from three directors of three countries - Korea, Thailand and China.
The Korean one was.. urrghh! Spookyy!! I cried.. Yeech! The way the picture was taken.. was simply scary! And the main actress on it.. Huuuu! She has a very scary look on her face! And the part where the camera revealed the inside of the bag.. Yikess!! I hate that part!!!!
Thailand one was about a curse.. it was spooky too! I mean, everyone keeps dying because of a cursed doll..! Yeech! The Chinese one was a bit more relaxed.. and slow. It's more to a love story than a ghostly story. Very sentimental indeed..
Yaaah~! Very tired indeed! Pretty much need a sleep in this time around... Haaa... felt so good somehow..! ^_^

Current song : Sincerely Me by A New Found Glory
~ I've had a hard time, very hard time.. seeing less of you.. I never thought you knew ~


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