Thursday, October 17, 2002

Kasut sape tertanggal tu? Ya Allah.. bodohnye!
Yeayyy!! Finally I can get into Blogger! Urghhh! Hard to believe that I can get real cranky not being able to let my feelings out.. Hee! But kewl thing I have a great person to share with..! Hihhihik! *~ Thank youuu! ~* You're such a kewl guy in my eyes.. ^_^
So I have to start from the beginning! Ehhehe.. Morning.. woke up so early 'coz we had to journey back from Sheeya's house. Honestly, I have to say that being away from my computer was pretty much relieving for my nerves.. Though.. humm.. well, I felt something else too.. but never mind that! But I have to say that I got pretty 'sick' last night. I don't know.. I just had this reaaaaally bad headache and chest pain and not forgetting my stiff neck!! GOD!! It pisses me off realizing that my body is malfunctioning bit by bit! Urggh!! Anyway, I actually had to lie down and kept changing my position 'coz the chest pain won't go away.. DUHH!! Good thing it left as I went to sleep.. sheesh! *Demm* stress! I do think I'm too young to handle this all.. yeeps!
So anyways, went to Graphics this morning with Aisha (who was surprisingly up at 7!!!!!!) We went by for only some few minutes.. sent in out assignments and left.. errr... practically running through the door while the tutor was clicking around her computer. And then.. Majin actually told us that she checked the attendance at the end of the session!! Ahahhaha!! *Demm* lah! But of course, this is what you get when you take chances.. and if you don't take your chances and risks.. might as well you just die! Hihhihi... no point of living if you're too careful! ^.^ Hihhi..
Fundamental was almost... absolutely useless! We just hung around and yapped and yapped 'til 3:30 to sign in the attendance! Sheesh! Though.. heyy! The session helped me realize something pretty much important about something in my life. Hihhihi... *~ so relieved that you felt the same! ~*
So what did I do for the rest of the day? Humm.. Went to Malee for dinner! Hihhi.. The gurls were so loud in the car! We were like.. ruining songs and all.. Everyone was pretty much hyper this night. And after dinner, we went to see the street soccer match. Well, not exactly a pretty sight at first 'coz as we got there.. we saw Alitt and his teammates were pissed and cursing and all. Yikes! Not a pretty sight at ALL! So we were like, hanging out over there for some while.. with roving eyes.. *nyeh nyehh* Don't blame us!! There were guys EVERYWHERE! Ahahhaha!! We were like talking about stuff with horrible horrible English. (ruining it on purpose - which I truly can't do as good as the others..) And even Fariz joined the English-ruining session! Hihhihik!
oOooO yeahh.. we were practically there (at the volley court) to see Alitt's team and Fariz' team.. Hihhihi.. Tariq was pretty hilarious back there..! Had fun just watching him guard that small goal post. Well.. me and Ana waited some while and got to see Alitt's team play. They were good! Seriously.. me and Ana agreed that Alitt can really use his legs.. AHHAHAH!! In the end.. well, I think everyone's pretty happy.. (At least that's what I think!)
Huu.. sooo.. it's night again lah! Sleepy.. sleepy sleepy to be honest! Bu tI need to wait for Musz to get online. Yeaaayyy!! Gosh, friends are so indisposable, aight? Can't wait to get home for the weekends.. Though.. really need to work on my Fundamental project!! Yeech!
Oh yeah, another thing I'd like to share.. this one came from Niez and I think it's reaaaaaaaally neat! ^_^
Do you know that a simple HELLO can be a sweet one?
How are you?
Everything all right?
Like to hear from you!
Love to see you soon!
Obviously I miss you!
Hihhihik! Well, I think it's nice!


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