Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Yahh~! Had a pretty neat nap this afternoon.. I guess it's such a neat day, todayy.. Hihhihi! Ignoring the fact of a small 'disturbance' in Graphics' lecture this morning.. Hihhihi!
oOooOo.. going to Putrajaya tomorrow! Hoping that the gurls will come along for the afternoon trip as well! ** oOo please.. please!! **
BJ got herself a new set of color pencils.. oOoOo.. so jealous!! So, I might get myself one, too.. Hihhihi! I totally forgot about my colors back at home! Hihhih! Busy weekend I had.. Hihhihik!
Annnnyyyywaaayyy.. Decided NOT to cut my hair.. yet! Why? Hihhi.. stupid really. Well, I went to the toilet when I got up from my nap this afternoon to wash my face.. I tied my hair as usual, but somehow.. some of them 'got away' and stayed in front of my face.. I looked into the mirror and so I thought.. "Oihh!! Lawa la plak rambut!!" AHHAHAHHA!! So anyway.. the hair will stay.. ^_^

Current song : I Don't Give A Damn by Avril Lavigne
~ Guys are always such a drag ~


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