Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Me and my crazy friends..
Yaahh~! Just pausing a bit from doing my Fundamental. Huuu..
Such a lazy daaayyy.. Went to Graphics in the morning.. listen to Neo talking about Serif and Sans Serif.. while I doodled on some stuff in my pretty-new Pooh notebook. Hehhehe.. and since I was fasting.. Huu.. made no such stops along the walk back from the lecture hall with Ana and Fariz. Got back into my room.. and watched the original version of The Ring. I have to say.. the English' version is spookier but the ghost of the Japanese one is absolutely HORRIFYING!! So then.. I slept for four hours in the afternoon.. Waking up only to find myself in front of the pc chatting with dear Fariz.. Hihhih.. while I traced my Fundamental work! ^_^ (See see!! I didn't forget to do my work!! Hihhihik!)
So.. seven p.m. Sheeya drove her Kembara (her parents finally decided that they HAD to change the Punto's wind-shield for that crack..) to Putrajaya.. Waaah~! Nice dinner with Sheeya, Ana, Fina, BJ and Azura. The way back was a bit crazy.. Azura fooled around with the radio.. pretending that she was RTM's deejay.. messing around with the songs played.. And the windows are all down.. Soooooo cold!! And practically, we have to shout to let others hear us. Hihhihi! And there's this one time Azura asked around what was on our mind at that moment.. Sheeya and BJ said 'minyak' (for the car), Ana said 'angin' ('coz the wind was blowing hard) and Fina said 'Amal' (her boyfriend, DUH!). And it's pretty silly since it concludes to 'Minyak Angin Amal'. Huu.. Bile mase Amal kluarkan produk?? Hihhihik~! Humm.. Fina seemed hard to believe 'bout what was on my mind at that time.. OH MENGAPAA~? Hihhihik! Sekali sekalaa.. ^_^
And now.. we're back in our rooms.. stuck with our assignments.. Good thing I'd only have to send in my Graphics assignment on Thursday! Yeaahh~! And there's no more tutorial!! Yeahh~! I'm free tomorrow morning! Yeahh~! Oh heck! I need to get back to my Fundamental right about now.. Hihhi.. later~! (if I feel like saying something)

Lucky me.. lucky you..


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