Friday, October 25, 2002

Such a lazy day
Yaaaaah~! So bored!! Today just seemed soooo... slow somehow! AHHAHA!! Woke up lazily this morning and got ready for English. Huum.. thought of skipping the class but I bumped into Juvita in the toilet and she'd really persuade me into going, anyways! Hihhihik~!
Wasn't so bad after all.. did a bit of debate in the class. Got this passage about a mom who hit her child in public and it was on tape. Blaa.. blaa.. I was in the group where we have to say that "It's OK to hit the kid, for disciplinary measures. After all, the kid was phisically fine and the mom agreed for rehabilitation!" Huhhuhu.. Honestly, in this case.. I can't decide which side should I choose. But anyways, our next debate is going to be about the tiger and the lady. It should be an interesting one..
It's about making a choice. A semi-barbaric princess who is supposed to decide the becoming of her lover. It's like this.. there's this two doors. One, with a fierce tiger on the other side. Behind the other door is a lady. You see, the princess' lover had to be punished for 'loving' the princess by the king. And the punishment at that time is for the lover to choose between the two doors. If he chose the tiger, he'd be a victim to a hungry creature. If he chose the lady.. then he'd be married to the lady. And so it happens, on that day.. the lady behind that door is the woman who has a feeling towards the princess' lover. She's pretty and all, and the sight of her makes the princess filled with cold fury and jealousy. (The princess is also beautiful, but anytime the lady passes her lover.. he'd look at her.) Now, the lover doesn't know which door holds the tiger or the lady.. but the princess did! And when the time comes.. the lover stared at the princess, asking which door should he open.
Ehhehhee!! Sooo... humm.. if you were in the princess' place.. which door would you want the lover to choose? Would you want the one you truly love with all your heart.. to live, married to the one you totally despise.. (try imagine that one day you'll see them together walking around.. laughing!) Or would you just let your lover open the door of the tiger and get himself/herself killed? Hihhihi..
Pardon me for being a bit feminist over the subject, but I'd really prefer if the princess show the lover the door to the tiger! AHHAHHA~! No, I'm not on the jealousy part.. Just think about it. Why won't the lover choose for himself? It's his life!! So obviously.. he doesn't really care how the princess felt. A big burden on her.. letting her rival to "win" or watch her lover die.. Yeech! But honestly.. it's better if there's a choice for the lover to kill himself. As Juvita said as she was acting a bit of the moment.. "I refuse to die in the jaws of a beast, and I refuse to die without the love of my heart" AHHAHAH~! Honestly, I can't remember what Juju actually said.. hihhi! So, that's actually my words to what's almost like what Juju said this morning.. Yeahh.. better he kill himself!
Now, I'm wondering when will my Papa get here.. Huwaaa!! I hate waiting!! What a torture! This suxX!

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~ Coz I wanted to fly so you gave me your wings ~


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