Thursday, October 03, 2002

Obviously, you thought wrong! Hihhihik!
Mixed emotions.. that's how I feel! I'm just extremely happy.. but I'm afraid to get so attached! Yikes! What if it doesn't go through the path I hoped it would? Humm.. I guess only time will tell.. Yeeps!
Anyways.. I can't deny that I'm totally tired from the day's activities.. But I am extremely pleased this evening! Hihhihik! Had dinner at HB1.. Amazingly.. there's so many things to talk about!! And then Majin came by after he had his game of rugby. Sebok suruh orang blanje! And since he actually wanted my drink.. I offered him a ringgit instead.. Hehhek! Gosh.. talked about so many things! Somewhat unlikely topics are included.. Ehh Majin.. Thanks ekk! For saving me from an extreme blister.. Uhhuhu! 'Coz it was pretty cold outside, I ordered hot Milo.. And guess what? It was *demm* HOT!!!!!! The first sip that came to my mouth actually caused tears to my eyes.. and my tongue felt pretty numb even until now.. Then Majin went into his 'gentleman-mode' and dunked some ice into my cup.. Yeahh!! Hihhihi.. Thank you thank you.. You're my saviour!! AHAHHAH!! Bunyik cam lain macam jekk!
And when I got back to my room.. the first words that came out from my lips was.. Aiyyakk!! Pencabulan hak assasi!! 'Coz Fariz was playing around my computer with that remote administrator thingy. Hihhihik! Then all four of us.. (BJ, Sheeya, Ana and myself) just watched where the cursor was goin'.. AHHAHA!! Cool stuff!!
Ohkie.. now I better start my other Graphics thingy.. Thought I should get it done by tonight since I've got nothing else to do.. Well.. minus Fundamental of course! I am toooooo *demm* sick and tired of looking at those colors!
Mengingatkan balek En. Anis yang dok nak tolong Wanie ngan Ana tadikk.. hisyy!! Sampai orang nak mengelamun pon taklehh! Dia ingat kitorang ni rajin sangat ke?? AHHAHHA!! Tak pasal-pasal jek.. AHHAHHA!!
Wokeyy.. gonna lie down for a while.. need to rest my back.. Have a pretty long night ahead for me... ^_^

But you seem to amuse me even more.. and that's why I like you best! ^_^


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