Monday, October 28, 2002

My very first real pimple
AHHAHAH~! Can you believe it? I'm almost eighteen and I just got my real pimple.. and it's on my NOSE!! And my hands are itching to do something to it!! Yikes! AHHAHAHA~!!
Just got back to MMU.. from a superb dinner with my parents and Nina who just got back from a 'family day trip' of the company she's working with. Great weekend I had.. Huu!! So happy! ^_^ Ate steak in Bangsar.. and along with it.. a very VERY large glass of star fruit juice (which caused me to run over to the toilet when I got back to MMU) And guess what? I managed to finish it.. all by MYSELF!! Waaaah~! Large appetite eh? (I swear I didn't do anything with anyone!! AHHAHAHAH~!)
So what did I do through the weekend? Huuu.. plenty!!
Saturday Went to Pyramid with Musz.. surprisingly Papa sent me straight from home! Went around and lunch (Dave's Deli!!!!) and then round and round we go.. 'til Fariz got there.. and went some rounds again.. and then Ahmadsyah came.. Huu.. And what else did we do? Aaahh.. me and Musz watched as the guys played those archery.. Huhhu.. Legolas tak menjadi ~ OH MENGAPAA? AHHAHAH~! Then we went for a movie. HONESTLY!! I wanted so much to see Red Dragon, but I guess it was just fate.. when I said "Red Dragon" the ticket lady said - You can't see it. So I was like, "why?" - Because you should be 18.. - "I AM 18!" - Your IC? - (and I gave her my IC, and she asked her friend if people who were born on '84 is 18 already) And when all that is over.. she said there's no ticket left for four. DUHH!! Then do something to the stupid telly then!! It was showing that there's still ticket available! *Demm!* I never liked TGV anyways.. good thing Dida always brought me to GSCs instead. I won't be making TGV any richer! ^o^ So we picked a movie.. Ballistic which was so dumb! I feel so dumb having to pick that movie! God!! The only moral from that film is ~ Don't piss people off 'coz you'd never know what they might do back to you AHHAHAH~! Honestly.. all there is to be wowed over the film is the explosions.. So if you like things to explode around.. SEE THIS!! Ihhihihik~! Now.. after the movie.. we were on our way back! Stopped over in Carrefour 'coz the guys decided to get dinner before going home. Huu.. then, my parents came over to pick me up (though I didn't ask to!) and so it happens they passed Burger King where the four of us were. AHHAHAH~! So I ran to them.. before they walked towards us.. (for safety measures) AHHAHAH~! Funny thing how I reacted when they're so kewl about the details I gave them. AHHAHAH~! Even Musz laughed at me.. Hihhihihik..! So anyways.. it was bye-bye to the boys not so long after that.. Hahhaha!! Papa and Mama asked soo many questions in the car and I saw Musz giggled her way through the journey.. Huhhu.. I didn't say anything wrong did I? Well, maybe I was too direct! Huu.. Papa was a bit quiet though.. I wonder! Hihhihi.. so busy in the car! Answering questions.. persuading Mama to buy me credit.. AHHAHAH~! "Owh, selama ni abes kredit kasik SMS .... je la, bukan abes telefon Mama Papa.. kenape nak kena belikan?" - "Ahhaa.. cuba bayangkan, kalau Wanie tak call Mama Papa langsung, brape lagi kredit Wanie ade.. (evil laugh goes here)" Hihhihik!
Sunday Yeah yeahh~! Mama bought me credit! Weeee!! Even more.. my parents did all the shopping for my food stuff for this week! Not forgetting Papa helped me do the laundry.. Cayang~ cayang~ Mama Papa! Alahai bucuk~ bucuk~! God, I'm such a spoiled brat! Ihhihihik!! Really silly.. I slept most of today.. Even smiled 'stupidly sleepy' when Mama came over to see how I reacted when she reloads the phone for me. Aaaannnddd... the whole day was nothing much.. until night came along! Yeahh~!!
But now... things started to trouble me.. People starts to worry me.. and this suxX!! I HATE THIS!! Somehow my guts is telling me that this week is going to be crappy..
Oh thank you SO MUCH for giving me THISSS!!
Anyways.. this was something a friend gave to my inbox. Hehhe.. TRY! Pretty neat (is it?) Well.. just try! Personality Test! So what did I get??
Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting;
someone who is constantly the center of attention, but sufficiently well balanced not to let it go to their head.
They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding;
someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Humm... kewl thing I get to be described that way.. instead of something... icky!
(Gosh.. I took such a LOT of time typing up all these!)

"ingat Wanie main kutip je ke laki memane?" AHAHHAH~!
God, I love my stupid sense of humor and my outspokenness.. THANK YOU!


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